Self-Introduction for Interview

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  1. Ace the self-introduction in style
    1. Who you are?
    2. Where do you come from?
    3. What have you studied?
    4. Who you are (as a professional)?
  2. Self-introduction sample for freshers
  3. Self-introduction sample for experienced professionals
  4. Self-introduction sample to download
  5. Self-introduction tips for freshers
  6. General tips for self-introduction
  7. Things to avoid during self-introduction

You know yourself the best, yet giving a good self-introduction in an interview is quite a task.

A lot of rides on how you introduce yourself in an interview. If your introduction goes well, you feel confident, and the interviewers also get a good impression of you.

As morning shows the day, a good self-introduction sets a positive tone for your interview. This open-ended, familiar concept works as an ice-breaker for you and your hiring manager.